Joanna Krupa Bikini Pictures Are Red Hot and Deliciously Tan

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bill-swift - November 14, 2013

Who has the better life? Joanna Krupa who gets to lay out in the sun by her pool most every day baking her perfect bikini body, or, us gentleman oglers who get to size her up, down, and sideways in her tiny two pieces. The answer is neither. It's actually the guy who gets to help her remove her red bikini and lotion her skin after her bouts in the sun that has it best, that lucky bastard, but we don't have it so bad.

Just peeking at the fine booty and body on Joanna Krupa in her regular exhibitionist jaunts makes me feel at one with the world, or at least at one with my male nature, sometimes, literally at one so I do keep the No Me Moleste sign handy outside the door. She is one fine Housewife who you don't even have to watch that insipid show to catch in her most glorious visuals. Yeah, we've got it pretty good. Enjoy.