Joan Rivers knows how to party

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editor - February 2, 2012

This is news to me but apparently Joan Rivers has a TV show on WE, and also there's a channel named WE, and on last nights episode Joan was nervous about meeting her daughters boyfriend. So she got together with a friend. And they got stoned as fuck.

The Daily Mail says...

(Joan) calls her friend Lynne who tells her she can get her something that will calm her down.
The pair visit a medical marijuana doctor for a prescription before heading to a shop that sells cannabis.
She and Lynne then find a spot to park their car and light up the pipe.
The pair get the giggles, with Joan exclaiming: 'I'm starving, i want to eat right now, lets go.'
But Lynne, who is in the driver's seat, is clearly in no state to be behind the wheel, saying: 'I cant tell if I'm moving.'
Joan says: 'I don't think you should drive... I'm going to call Melissa.'
Her daughter arrives and is furious at the pair, saying: 'Oh my god, we have to go right now come on, we're going home... I'm ashamed of both you.'
The women make Melissa stop at a roadside food truck for burgers and chips.
Back at home home, Melissa tries to put the laughing pair to bed quietly while everyone else sleeps.
But Joan and Lynne aren't ready to sleep, and go into the hot tub fully clothed in the middle of the night.

Well it's a good thing marijuana is still illegal almost everywhere in this country. If she hadn't been under a doctors care when she giggled and ate a hamburger, it would have been pandaemonium.

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