Jimmy Kimmel Enlists Gary Oldman to Speak to Athletes About Acting (VIDEO)

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michael-garcia - June 22, 2012

Athletes trying to act is nothing new. You can go all the way back to NFL Hall of Fame running back Jim Brown in the mid-1960s to find an early example of dudes jumping from the playing fields to the big screen. It makes sense; take a popular player and see if they can translate their marketability into box office dollars. In fact, Kevin Durant has a movie coming out soon called 'Thunderstruck.'

The problem that comes up though, is that sometimes these guys just can't act. Some have done well for themselves, Burt Reynolds was a college football player, and others haven't been so great. I don't feel like throwing anyone under the bus, but some examples of bad acting by athletes aren't hard to find. Maybe just say 'Kazaam' and some of these movies will Shaq up in your head.

If you've ever wondered how full time actors feel about the situation, well you're in luck. Jimmy Kimmel has helpfully made a pseudo public service announcement with veteran actor Gary Oldman as the voice of his profession. Take a look.

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