Jimmy Fallon Pays For A Stranger’s Expensive Diner

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elliot-wolf - September 3, 2018

Paying it forward is always a grand gesture. If you can afford four dollars for a supremely subpar cup of coffee at Starbucks, you’ve probably already experienced it. It’s a great feeling when the stranger in front of you pays for whatever you’re having as well. It really restores a faith in humanity. Just as long as their intentions are genuinely selfless and they’re not waiting around expecting sex after they’ve paid for your overpriced cake pop. For a few lucky diners, Jimmy Fallon just wanted to be a nice guy. He footed a $1,000 bill for a nearby group at an upscale eatery. What a saint. It would have been even nicer if his act of kindness was at the nearest McDonald's, $1k could probably feed everyone there for the entire day. But then again, anyone who goes to McDonald's on purpose is probably not qualified to pass enough positive vibes that would warrant Jimmy paying for your McDouble.

Jimmy Fallon generously paid some strangers’ $1,000-plus dinner tab at Il Mulino in the Hamptons on Monday.

“He said he appreciated how happy” the group looked “and how they were ‘enjoying each other’s company,’ ” the source said.

“He said the ‘good vibe’ made him happy and he wanted to pay for dinner.”

I’ll take “shit that will never happen at a Denny’s” for $200. Ironically, paying it forward is never really experienced by the underprivileged, or those who it would benefit the most. So unless you frequent Nobu’s, Wolfgang Puck’s or the like, you’re out of luck receiving any random blessings from Fallon.

Photo Credit: Jimmy Fallon and wife Nancy Juvonen from Getty Images