Jill Wagner Bikini Deliciousness on the Beach of Miami (You Will Have a Wipeout, Baby)

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bill-swift - August 28, 2014

We really and truly do not see enough of Wipeout co-hostess and model Jill Wagner in her bikini. I don't think we could never see her enough. This vastly underrated hottie took to the beaches in Miami to give the gentleman oglers a taste of the good stuff they've been missing. It looks like her bikini top almost took a dive off of her splendid chest. I can't say for sure as I was leering catatonically at her ridiculously hot booty. Oh, my. I'm a distracted starer.

Just when you think  the pool of sextastic celebrity is full, along comes another sextastic beauty we barely think of, cannonballing into the pool in a skimpy bikini and reminding us that the line of hot ladies is truly endless. That's the line I want to be standing in for sure. Nice work, Jill. We will be watching. Enjoy.