Jill Martin Doubles Down in Red and Blue for a President’s Day Bikini Weekend of Bustiness

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bill-swift - February 18, 2014

I imagine about a thousand men put cricks in their neck this weekend in Miami watching N.Y. Knicks sports reporter Jill Martin strutting by in one of her many colorful bikinis this weekend. There were more than just the red (above) and blue (below):

But these two seemed like the most U.S.A., U.S.A, type rah-rah boobtastic celebration types colors barely containing the sizable jugs of this sports babe. You may not be a Knicks fan, they are certainly hard to find these days, but they may just be winning in the category of buxom sideline reportage. Jill Martin is what you call a stretch forward in NBA parlance. As in, I'm stretching forward to avoid strain as I ogle her bikini body wares. Enjoy.