Jet Vest is the Jetpack You’ve Always Wanted to Own

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bill-swift - December 22, 2012

I know a lot of people who've always wanted to own a jetpack. These futuristic gizmos have been featured in cartoons, television shows, and movies so much, that I'm surprised few have come up with an actual working prototype.

The existing jetpack prototypes aren't even really jetpacks at all. For example, this one is supposed to be a 'jetpack' of sorts but it's tethered and the people using them don't really get anywhere or move much. But it's certainly a worthwhile effort.

Two guys, however, want to change all that. They want to build an actual strap-on jetpack which will be powered by four micro jet turbine engines that can product a hundred pounds of thrust. Put four of these together and that will be enough to lift a person off the ground.

The jetpack, called the Jet Vest, is currently up for funding on Kickstarter. But while you won't be able to get one yourself, you will be able to get the ride of your life if you put down five grand.

Get Flyin': $5,000

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