Jesus Christ: Action Hero?

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bill-swift - October 4, 2013

Besides being our Lord and savior, THE archetypal beard wearer, and a guy you want at parties in case the wine runs out, Jesus is now going to be an action hero. Kevin Reynolds is slated to direct an action thriller about a Roman centurion whose job it is to investigate rumors that Jesus rose from the dead. Supposedly, there is going to be a lot of intrigue and 1st century violence. Not Passion of the Christ level violence, but close. So, what film credits qualify Reynolds to direct such an important film? Waterworld. Friggin' Waterworld. Yes, the movie with Kevin Costner as a merman floating on an Earth-wide ocean. But fear not because the script is being penned by Patrick Aiello who wrote the classic films Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance...ummm...

I would stay away from this film set. I expect a rain of fire and brimstone to rain down from the heavens.

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