Jessie James Decker Bikini Hottie in Miami

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bill-swift - March 2, 2017

Country music singer and reality show hottie wife Jessie James Decker took to the beach in Miami for a photoshoot to show off her rip roaring sextastic body. The MILFtastic sensation squatted and pranced and preen along the shorelines as some very lucky camera crewmen tagged along with lights and reflectors. I would have taken that gig, or simply as bikini straightener. 

Jessie James Decker isn't regularly featured herein mostly due to her generally conservative mode as to showing off her body. But when she does, oh man, you realize the luscious lady beneath. This bikini fits her like a glove. The world's luckiest glove. There must be wardrobe changes. I'm so jealous of everybody within ten feet of her, let alone the football player guy who makes babies with this fine female form. Enjoy.

Photo credit: FameFlynet