Jessie James Bikini Pictures Drop Some Seriously Wet Country Music Sexy in Maui

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bill-swift - July 4, 2013

Some know Jessie James as the country pop music recording artist. Some know Jessie James as the NFL WAG. After today, I suspect you'll simply know Jessie James as the super sextastic chick in the bikini in Hawaii. Oh, you'll probably also know most every inch of her body.

It's a rare treat to see this smoking hot music artist much of anywhere outside of her concert performances. She's really not a big time limelighter, let alone body exhibitionist. Put peering at her body for the first time on these here pages, I can't understand why she would ever hide it.

I think I feel a country song coming on, maybe called 'Mama's So Soft That Daddy's Gone Hard'. Enjoy.