Jessie J Scores a Sweet Deal in a Crop Top at the Flea Market

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Mitch Jablonski - November 12, 2019

I don't know what Jessie J went to the flea market hoping to find, but it looks like she scored herself a pretty nice little table. The British singer/songwriter hit up the local swap meet and clearly hit the jackpot, likely thanks to her stunningly sexy fashion sense which, on this particular day, led her to wear a crop top with no bra underneath, flirting with danger thanks to the sheer fabric.

I'm sure that this wardrobe selection certainly helped her secure a better bargain for this fine piece of furniture. There isn't a man alive working a flea market that wouldn't drop a couple bucks off the price just to get a few more minutes in Jessie J's presence. Hell, whatever old coot parted with this table probably got himself a lifetime's worth of new material for his spank bank. I know how these old coots operate.

So good on Jessie J for scoring a sweet deal and good on her for wearing that sexy crop top. It takes gumption, not to mention as body that's fit as a fiddle, to go braless in a crop top at the flea market, but Jessie J knows that sometimes that's the exact recipe for success.

Photos courtesy of Mega Agency