Jessica ‘Sugar’ Kiper and Holly Huebner Know How to Get Egotastic! To Cover a Political Protest

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bill-swift - August 6, 2012

As you know, we stay out of political issues here on Egotastic! Not just because entering into seemingly endless debates between highly passionate folks barricaded on either side of a virtually militarized zone seems like way too much effort, but mostly because we just find politics boring. We could sit through eighty-two hours of a political convention on C-SPAN, and, we shall, the very day there are no more hot women in this world to ogle.

However, every rule must have exceptions, and when the ladies get nekkid in protest, or they start making out, well, suddenly, we're wearing silly looking hats covered in slogan pins.

Survivor contestant and Dr. Drew rehabber, Jessica 'Sugar' Kiper, and kind of model buddy Holly Huebner could not resist getting involved in the hullabaloo surrounding Chick-fil-A by staging a kiss-in of the Sapphic variety in front of the chicken pimping restaurant chain over the weekend. While many in their protest group applauded the public statement of passion, we couldn't help but imagine how much more awesome all fast food restaurants would be if there were girls making out in front of you while you munched on your something-with-bacon sandwiches and wolfed down your fries.

Approximately eleven times more awesome, by our calculations. Enjoy.

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