Jessica Simpson Cleavage Pictures Tell Us She’s in Love

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bill-swift - July 15, 2010

Like many of us, I'm a long time Jessica Simpsonboob and cleavage follower. I've been watching those billowing fun bags for years now, all the while documenting my findings in a leather-bound notebook titled, 'The Boob Habits of the Jessica Simpson'. Based upon my research, I can unequivocally tell you that the deep cleavage shown in these random kimono-in-Italy Jessica Simpson pictures indicates that the cowgirl from Abilene is very much in love. Oh, it doesn't really matter to whom, because you know it's a football player, and you know it'll be a different one by next month, the point is, the angle, depth, and coverage of her boobage indicates romantic infatuation. I'm happy for her. And her boobs.

Photo credit: INF Photo