Jessica Biel is with Gerard Butler now

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editor - June 6, 2011

Gerard Butler gets tons of ass because he's handsome, friendly and charming, so what chance did Jessica Biel have against him while they filmed a movie together last month in a place where there's damn near nothing to do? Not much, according to People.

Their reps say the two actors are "just friends," but they appeared to be pretty close friends while shooting Playing the Field in Shreveport, La., last month. And over the weekend, new photos surfaced of Biel enjoying a ride on the back of Butler's motorcycle down the PCH in Malibu.

Uh, I wouldn't get too comfortable on that back of the bike if I were Jessica. Shreveport is pretty god damn boring. He might have just been bored. You could bury me in a coffin and I could find just as many things to do as I could if you gave me a million dollars and set me loose in Shreveport.

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