Jessica Alba’s Baby Bump Starts to Show

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bill-swift - December 27, 2007

It's actually happening, people. The moment we've all dreaded: Jessica Alba is getting fat. Yeah, yeah, I know it's because she's pregnant, but that doesn't change the fact that Jessica Alba is going to swell up like a beach ball. Fat is fat in my book, miracle of life, or no.

Now you might think to yourself: At least we'll get some nice looks at Jessica Alba's soon to be ginormous boobs, a la Halle Berry pregnant boobs, but from the looks of it, Jessica Alba won't be flaunting her pregnancy like the rest of the celebs. Who knows, though. I'm sure one morning she'll look in the mirror and say "I'm showing these babies off!"

Also, it looks like Jessica Alba's ass is gonna get huge.

Photo credit: X17