Jessica Alba: The Most Magnificently MILFy Gamer Girl on Earth. Well, Sort Of

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bill-swift - January 30, 2013

As we're sure you'll all attest, Jessica Alba is one of our fine nation's (and everybody else's) favorite lady lusts. It takes a remarkable kind of sexy to send the Milf-o-meter into critical, spontaneous gonad combustion position, but our Jess always delivers the goods.

Or, more specifically, always steadfastly refuses to deliver the goods. But we know damn well that they're there (and are fantastically, groin-grabbingly good), which will have to suffice. Do you need Bigfoot to stride mantastically out of the trees, punch you in the dick, give you the middle finger, purloin your sardine sandwiches and lumber off to his shit-stained cave for a wank to be convinced of its existence? You do not. (unless you're skeptical with regards to elusive and hairy-assed legendary creatures. In which case, screw you.)

But we digress. Hit the gallery to admire the pitiful-but-amusingly-mockable gamer credentials of Ms. Alba, alongside her rather more trouser-troubling ‘assets.'