Jessica Alba Swimsuit Peeks For Instyle Magazine

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bill-swift - June 10, 2016

I can't remember a time when Jessica Alba wasn't wicked hot and invading my mind with all kinds of thought of making many Alba babies and then asking her to keep them from crying while we make more. I'm a practical kind of baby dad. The underemployed and consistently horny one. Such is the power of the Jessica Alba uber-sextastic, upped exponentially once she joined the motherly hottie class.

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While Jessica is nurturing her children and her nearing one billion dollar organic products company, she never forgets her roots and continues to dance with the dude who brung her. Or more aptly, to show off in tight swimsuits for all the young and old dudes who've ogled her through the years. She's not lost one bit of hotness or an ounce of allure since this whole journey began. Oh, to spend an evening that lasts a year naked with Jessica on a beach vacation. We could be fruitful and multiply. We may have to imagine the nudity parts from here on out, but this should be no issue for the experienced Egotastic reader. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Instyle Magazine