Jessica Alba Still the Hottest Mom at the Park in Short Shorts and Tights.

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bill-swift - February 4, 2014

Well, you know we follow Jessica Alba anywhere. If culture norms dictated, we'd bring the GoPro into the ladies room right behind her whilst wearing our wig and Khloe Kardashian dress to sneak in. But, we are gentlemen of an ogling nature, so we stick to the public arena where Jessica spent the weekend as the hottest mom at the park who doesn't even try to be the hottest mom.

I guess she can't help it, even though she tends to wardrobe rather mommy like most of the time, the short shorts and tights just rang our bell, even in the relatively cold weather for L.A.. There's no hiding the Alba sextastic, not even behind the veil of mommy. Enjoy.