Jessica Alba Pregnant Workout

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bill-swift - September 29, 2017

Granted, I'm the guy with the longstanding hot preggo lady fetish. Not that I don't prefer my sextastic celebrities without child upon commencement of our largely physical and ANR relationships, thus that I might plant my own flag. But when they do get to being swollen with fertility, and wrapped in Spandex for workouts, I must admit I feel a little thrill in the reproductive areas.

Jessica Alba could provide tingles whilst in a robe taking out the garbage. In her guise as super mom and sort of organic baby product peddler, the former actress and model must make out like she's one of us. Well, one of you if you're a pregnant woman in her 30's. Hence, lots of workout and advice videos for those gestating baby. Which mean a peek at her sweaty enhanced curves.

I could have leered at Jessica ten year ago and informed you this loveliest of alluring ladies was going to make many babies. In fact, I'm quite certain I did. Her choice of partners is the only thing giving me regret. It takes two to Tango, and I'm stuck holding the rose in my mouth. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Instagram