Jessica Alba Pregnant on Instagram and Bikini Throwback

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elliot-wolf - February 6, 2018

Jessica Alba is a woman I haven’t heard from in a while but get very excited when her name gets brought up again. It’s hard to imagine a woman looking equally as attractive with a bun in the oven but Jessica makes pregnancy look better than it should. She doesn’t look much different now than from the days when she would frolic around in a bikini. And my goodness were those the good days. She was the tannest thing on two legs and the owner of a top filled with two scoops of perfection. The way the water would hit her skin and wash away the irritating sand was surely a sight to see. It also represented a metaphor for me. I wish could have been the cool wave of refreshing change in her life on a hot day, removing all of her problems as my body washed over her’s on the beach. 

Jessica is pretty much the epitome of a perfect beach body. Had our stars aligned and our paths crossed I could've impressed her with my boogie boarding skills. Then it would have been possible that the little tyke in her tummy could have been mine. Alba is one hot lady I wouldn’t mind going half on a baby with. 

Photo Credit: Instagram/ Splash News

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