Jessica Alba Hot Denim

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bill-swift - March 29, 2016

Jessica Alba takes time out of her business businesswoman schedule to return to her modeling roots because she understands what it means to honor your roots. You never stop dancing with the date that brought you. Were it not for how spectacular she looked in jeans and a white tee, she would never have become famous, been cast in a series of horrifically craptastic movie roles, and then found her way into her organic health products mega-business. Respect the chain of events.

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Jessica Alba took another turn showing off her MILFtastic talents, not so bare, but definitely all there with her abundance of homespun sextastic. Just to have Jessica lying about in denim preening and posing and showing you why ten million men once simultaneously pleasured themselves to thoughts of her. It's in the Guinness Book of World Records I'm pretty sure. If not, it should be. Jessica, you are simply one of the most alluring female forms to ever walk this earth. Though crawling would be hot too. Ditch the jeans first. Just saying, if you're taking requests. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: DL1961

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