Jessica Alba Shows Off Her Hotness

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michael-garcia - August 2, 2016

Jessica Alba wore a series of tight fitting clothes in this eye-opening pictorial spread. I have been in deep love with Jessica since I first became aware of her in the God awful Fantastic Four movie. That's the first terrible Fantastic Four movie not the one that came out last year. She was wearing tight Spandex there and she's got on some tight duds now and the result is the same. Jessica's rack is the stuff of legend. She has some of the best in the business and it is my job to know these things. Her jugs were splendid before but after a couple of kids they are even bigger and better while she's kept everything else tight. What I like about Jessica is that she's got some rockin' Latin curves while at the same time staying slender. That's quite a feat. 

Her booty makes me believe again. It fills me with hope and a sense of wonder. Her booty could bring all the people of the world together in peace. 


Photo Credit: DL1961