Jessica Alba Hot Boobtastic Mama

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bill-swift - March 15, 2016

Vogue Australia keep racking up the wins, this time with a cleavy hot uber-MILFtastic Jessica Alba showing off a little something something of her precious udders in this otherwise style pictorial for the ladies. Jessica's been on the defensive of late, fighting back criticisms of her ballooning diaper and natural products business. I think people or just jealous. Or the criticisms are accurate. Either way I'm taking Jessica's side. And I can tell you which side precisely.

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Despite her businesswoman success, Jessica continues to understand the true source of her fame and fortune. Her crazy hot looks and ridiculously sextastic body. She's not letting that foundation of her winning go anywhere any time soon. In fact, she continues to feed it with modeling and promotional photos and videos nearly as much as she used to. Oh, perhaps no more sweaty bikini looks. Which is sad. But the notion that Jessica is packing her funbags and leaving is entirely premature. Enjoy her while you can.

Photo Credit: Vogue Australia