Jessica Alba Had a Gun and She Wasn’t Afraid to Use It

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bill-swift - August 28, 2012

Well, okay, outside the gun range Jessica Alba merely had a little pink pocket book, a fruity iced tea, and a pair of hot tight pants that got us feeling tingly, but make no mistake about it, this woman is a killer.

When a wife starts visiting the gun range, we always get a little nervous for the husband, Cash Warren in this case. And since we've sort of kind of predicted that that til-death-do-us-part promise between the two would not last super long, now we're kind of wondering if Jessica intends to end it in a quick fashion of sorts, kind of a snub-nosed split. It's not that we don't think wives and girlfriends should own and shoot firearms, it's just that we know what our last lady did to us with a Coors Light can after she caught us spying on her sister changing into her bikini and, well, real bullets hurt worse than even the silver kind.

Nevertheless, a hot woman with a gun does hold its allure. When that woman is Jessica Alba in a tank top and tight jeans, well, we'd let her shoot an apple off of our swollen head, as it were. Enjoy.