Jessica Alba Flashing Sexy Legs in Far Too Proper West East Magazine

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bill-swift - October 10, 2013

Yeah, I know, far too proper for Jessica Alba. So, shoot me (I mean, not really, just metaphorically, and even that kind of hurts), but I am still feeling tingly from seeing the uber-MILFtastic model and actress styled and decked out for her spread in West East magazine.

Yes, I know it's for ladies and the fashionable set to ooh and ahh over the artistic majesty, but I can't help but imagine picking Jessica Alba up, then telling her she might be a big overdressed for our dinner date at In & Out Burger, her becoming upset, but ultimately we console each other with a make-up makeout session in the back of my Corolla. A good chess player and a good Egotastic man need to be thinking several steps ahead. Enjoy.