Jessica Alba Headlights Reveal a CEO We Can Get Behind

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bill-swift - June 16, 2016

Jessica Alba was in New York on company business, and her business is making sure everybody remembers how hot she looks in the summer time in Manhattan with her headlights on in a low cut top. Casual Jessica drives men nuts, as does all other forms of the uber-MILFtastic honeypot making her way in the commercial world of organic baby products.

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Jessica has managed to walk the fine line of CEO and still model hottie who has never forgotten what got her here. It wasn't her business savvy per se. It was her fame and fortune derived from her sextastic appeal. Then she took the brass ring and just made her it own nipple ring, as it were. Or maybe literally. I'll have to peek a little closer. You should be on the cover of Forbes, my darling. Topless would sell better, if you want my objective advice. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Splash