Jessica Alba Booty in the Big Apple Gives Me Elations

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bill-swift - August 7, 2014

I think elations is a word. I'm certainly feeling spirited since eye-spying the backside of Jessica Alba, not to mention her rather alluring frontside, making her way frantically around New York City these past couple of days promoting Sin City 2. I know Jessica happens to hate this type of publicity duty, but she also knows her wicked hot body is a big part of what is going to sell the movie. So even though she's not outfitting herself like a mom and a corporate CEO, she still has the lingering thoughts of throwing something out there for the ogling gentlemen such as ourselves. Hence, a nice form fitting skirt and a few reaches back into her limo for some hot mommy booty views.

Jessica has been telling all the media outlets how happy she is now, confident as a more mature woman with her identity as a sex symbol. She's very clear to explain it's just a role she plays. As if that makes a difference to the dreamers. We're all about roles. If only she knew what a bad boy I've been. Enjoy.