Jessica Alba Bikini Booty Cheeks Heavenly in Hawaii

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bill-swift - April 26, 2016

Jessica Alba isn't a woman, she's a goddess. The distinction is fine, but super important, especially when deciding who to bow down to and pray for in the still of the night. That still of the night often turning to restless REM sleep dreams if you're imagining the uber-sextastic Jessica Alba in a tiny bikini splashing around the Hawaiian islands because she can. Also, because you wished for it, in the very least subconsciously.

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Jessica is still on her 50th state vacation to celebrate the fact that she's super hot and rich and the world is her oyster. Splashing in and out of the water, showing off her perfect hiney and mom faptastic sweet 30-something rack to every lucky beachgoer with working eyeballs and equally working happy parts. She's the dream, truly. A self-made woman with the female form of a heavenly tanned goddess. Her farts probably smell like candy. I'd be willing to find out. Jessica, me and you and a tin of beans. I have so many wild fantasies about you, why not add this one to the mix? Wear the bikini, please. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI