Jessica Alba Sexy Machete Production Pictures Green Screen Their Way Into My Bedroom

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bill-swift - October 26, 2010

This one time I won a sports bet with Barnaby Fitzpatrick who works in production at one of these film effects studios. Barnaby is some kind of genius with the computers, not so smart picking football teams. Rather than collect my due from Barnaby, I asked him if he'd put me in front of the green screen at his place of business. An hour later I was on screen appearing to be suckling from a giant and bare Monica Bellucci boob on the green screen behind me. Childish? Yes. A life's dream fulfilled? Also that.

Jessica Alba in a see-through white tank top and hoisting a big-ass gun in front of a green screen is an even bigger dream. Oh, how I wish I could win another bet with Barnaby and have the ridiculously hot Jessica Alba green-screened into my private boudoir, where I make the sexy with the ladies. I lust her but good. And I know I'm not alone. Though, I'd like to be. With just me and Jessica. And our green screen. Enjoy.