Jessica Alba Pictures from Marie Claire Fall Under Our Policy of Anything Alba

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bill-swift - October 22, 2010

As I was sniffing my way through the various complimentary fragrances in my Marie Claire Russia this month, I caught sight of a rather overly-clothed hottie who looked so awfully familiar. Indeed, it was my heart-throb (and other parts-throb) mistress of the sexiness, Jessica Alba. Wow, how I internally debated whether or not to post these fashiony and girlish posts of the uber-sexy Alba, then I gazed upon the walls of my office/prison cell, and, between the naked photos of Miranda Kerr and the awkward family black and white photo from 1932 where the family hound appeared to be sniffing an indiscreet region of my great-grandma's nether regions, there lied written one of the many informal rules of order for Egotastic!: Anything Alba. And I remembered why after an evening of Edward 40-Hands I wrote those rules on the wall in the first place. Anything Alba. Enjoy.