Jenny McCarthy in Black Leather Still Working Just Fine For Me

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bill-swift - December 3, 2013

I know some of you left Jenny McCarthy behind for various reasons. But at 41, despite being a little cuckoo and now amid the cackling hens on the View, Jenny still has some hotness left in the tank that twenty years ago got her plucked from the line of hot girls trying to get a break in Hollywood to young pinup girl and TV and film blonde bombshell. The sextastic never disappears, it just goes dimmer at times. It's like the Force or fairies, when you don't believe in them.

Jenny was in Las Vegas pimping the after party for the Dirty Sexy Funny comedy show. I'm not sure about the funny, but dirty sexy is how I choose to imagine Jenny McCarthy who despite the various incarnations, well, in leather pants I'll still take her for a fantasy trip up to Makeout  and Beyond Point any time. Enjoy.