Jennifer Nicole Lee Slit Skirt Shows Off Her Mommy Long Legs

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bill-swift - June 3, 2014

I get the feeling that BBW turned MILFtastic fitness guru Jennifer Nicole Lee doesn't just pick out her out and about outfits willy nilly. Nor does she probably just pick out what's on top of the laundry pile as I've been doing since age seven. Still, always the Spiderman tee. She seems to narrow down her choice between short, tight, slit cut dresses and, actually, that's about it. But bless her for it because this working out mom has the body to carry off such a showy in public feat, nearly flashing all of her legs, some of her sweet cheeks, and nearly her finer portions getting in and out of her car and preparing for a little shopping trip in a slinky thigh high cut dress that my grandma never would've let me mom leave the house in.

Jennifer Nicole Lee has the body of a hard yoked hot mommy goddess and I'm personally fashion policing her wardrobe with a medal of recognition rather than an arrest. Though I would like the chance to frisk and handcuff Jennifer, you never know what kinds of dangerous object she might be hiding. I assure you, I'll find them all. Enjoy.