Jennifer Nicole Lee Bikini Pictures Flashing Beaver on Miami Beach

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bill-swift - May 30, 2013

The way Jennifer Nicole Lee loses her bikini tops and bottoms when out in public so often, well, I'm beginning to think this may just not be an accident. Columbo does not believe in coincidences. Not that I'm complaining, mind you. The more hot moms who almost lose their bikinis on the beach the better. The gentleman ogler never questions motive. That'd be quite rude.

In her latest wardrobe malfunction, Jennifer Nicole Lee nearly flashes her twin mamas while inexplicably removing her bikini top. But she could not contain her bikini falling down and flashing some of her neatly trimmed motherly muff. A mighty nice sight to see if we may indulge in a little commentary about personal hottie grooming habits downstairs. A soft throwback to a gentler, more furry time in our nation's cooch history. Bravo we say. Staged or accidental. Enjoy.