Jennifer Metcalfe Sexy Shenanigans at the Beach

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brian-mcgee - January 23, 2018

One of my favorite things about Britain is the fact that they can appreciate a beautiful woman with bigger proportions. Not that this is to say that Jennifer Metcalfe is a big girl, far from it, but she would never have become a sex symbol in the US because we don't like women that aren't a size 2 or smaller.  

You know what Jennifer looks like to me? A lot of women that I see in my daily life, which makes her hotter, in my opinion. Think about it. I can see virtually any celebrity I want in their underwear, but I can't see any of the really hot moms of my daughters' friends showing off their asses in swimwear. That's where a woman like Jennifer is a godsend to a guy like me because she lines up perfectly with my personal tastes.

I get that she's not every guy's cup of tea, but not all men have identical tastes. And that's fine. It's part of what makes this world of ours such a wonderful place, being exposed to sexy women of all shapes and sizes. Jennifer Metcalfe, I won't be the first and I certainly won't be the last to tell you, welcome to my spank bank. It's lovely to see you. 

Photo Credit: Backgrid USA