Jennifer Love Hewitt Wet, Wild, and Wonderful Behind the Scenes of Her ‘Client List’ Music Video

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bill-swift - February 14, 2013

Remember that ridiculously hot (even though it was for chicks) music video Jennifer Love Hewittstarred in last week to promote the new upcoming season of The Client List. Yes, of course you do. Well, now we have a sneak peek at the behind the scenes rehearsal footage and it is more than likely to cause you to feel a little uncomfortable in your Underoos.

Jennifer Love Hewitt is one of those girls you can imagine being your friend and denying vehemently every time she asks if you're staring at her tits, and she'll give you a look like she knows that you're lying, and you'll give her a look like you know she knows you're lying, because her chest and everything else is fantastic and you can't stop staring and even though you promised to only be friends, all you can think about right now is taking her in the back and doing it in the manner of the French. Enjoy.

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