Jennifer Love Hewitt Flashes Her Bountiful Bosom on Set of ‘Client List’

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bill-swift - February 24, 2012

We can never quite remember what TV show Jennifer Love Hewitt is on from season to season, but we always know we can count big time on her flashing that amazing racktacular of hers in some very form fitting, low cut dresses. I do believe she goes into stores and askis for a dress in a size a couple too numbers too small then figures out later on how to fit into it using a combination of masking tape and the greasy remains from the thrice daily fryer pour-out at the local Wendy's.

Seen here in a little red number on the set of Client List, Jennifer Love Hewitt shows the world two good reasons why she never goes unemployed for long. In fact, I'm thinking of a job I'd like to give her right about now. She just has that hard worked look about her. Enjoy.