Jennifer Love Hewitt Purple Panties Peek

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bill-swift - January 13, 2011

Jennifer Love Hewitt has been flashing all kinds of bits and pieces in the past few weeks, some, intentional, some, like last night's purple panties peek were more of the wardrobe malfunction variety.

This purple panties peek does bring back some bad middle school memories of my own, when my mom washed my favorite blue snappy briefs with something red in the wash and I ended up with a pair of purplish underwear that she assured me nobody at school would mock. Oh, yes, say hello to gym class locker room horror. I was called 'The Grimace' from thence until Christmas break, a brutal seven week period of boy-on-boy ridicule that to this day prevents me from even considering visiting a McDonaldland Playground (of course, a silly restraining order also prevents me from getting within 500 feet of those happy colorful play pens). But I digress from the Hanky Panky at hand. Personally, a boobtastic peek is my first choice with the buxom Ms. Hewitt, but a colorful lacy panties peek is still a midday delight. Enjoy.

Photo credit: pacificcoastnewsonline.com