Jennifer Lopez White String Bikini MILFtastic in Miami

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bill-swift - May 9, 2016

I'm not sure what's up with the scarf, but provided the Forties and Faptastic dancing diva Jennifer Lopez isn't covering up her more fun female bits, we can deal without the flowing mane of our dreams that's all sweaty and whipping us about the brow insisting we don't stop. I surely hope that happens within the first couple of minutes or we may have a teamwork issue.

Jennifer was hanging out in Miami where she's been selling this or that and adding to her sextastic earned fortune. Taking some time off means a little sun on the bikini body time. Perhaps not as obvious as she could be giving her veteran hot body and the bikini possibilities, but any chance to leer at the cleavage of the Latina MILF is an opportunity not to miss. The music may be hard to digest. But the singer is now into her third decade of making men tingle. It's more than a fair tradeoff. Keep the volume down and your dreams up, Jennifer Lopez in a bikini. Hot moms are the best. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News