Jennifer Lopez Turns 43, Shows Zero Signs of Slowing Down Her Red Hot Heat

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bill-swift - July 26, 2012

They say life begins at 40, and while that's all people over 40 who say that, we certainly see many signs of confirming this slogan here on Egotastic!, what with the sextastic renaissance of so many of our favorite celebs who've hit 40 and beyond and just seem to be getting even hotter.

For Jennifer Lopez, who turned 43 yesterday, everything seems to be coming up hotness. The Puerto Rican diva dumped her pencil-mustached 130 lb. husband, started boffing her boy toy backup dancer, jumpstarted a number of TV projects in Latin America, and launched a worldwide tour that is filling up grand venues around the world, all the while her body is back to booty-rocking bikini form and she's looking like she just got touched for the very first time (and touched deeply).

Things are coming up red as roses for J-Lo, who saw fight to symbolize such 'getting some at 43' statement with a super tight red dress out to dinner in the Big Apple for her birthday. I'm looking, closely, and I see nothing but veteran hotness. Enjoy.