Jennifer Lopez Tight Jean and Cleavage in NYC

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aldo-vallon - August 11, 2017

 If I look half as good as Jennifer Lopez when I am at that age then…my family is going to have a lot of questions. Namely, why did I turn into a Hispanic woman? But even if that does happen I will consider myself fortunate, and dismiss them as haters, because not everyone gets to have an ass molded out of the finest of ingredients. I do not know who to give credit to the most, her personal trainer or whichever South Pacific island is responsible for making those jeans. I know J-Lo’s ass always tends to steal the show, but I feel an honorable mention needs to be thrown out to her boobs on this occasion. They are still fighting the good fight, holding up their end. It is like Scottie Pippen playing with Michael Jordan, on any other team they would have been a star, but because they were paired up with the greatest of all time they will always be stuck playing second fiddle.

Photo Credit: Splash News