Jennifer Lopez Sweet Hot Skin Filled Billboard Awards

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bill-swift - April 28, 2017

Discussions about whether or not Jennifer Lopez has still got it are becoming unnecessary and downright rude. Jennifer Lopez had it, has it, will probably always have it. Need I take you out in the alley for a learning lesson on my full support and passion for MILFtastic Jenny from the Block.

While we love seeing Jennifer barely clad in her booty music videos and such, seeing her barely clad while decked out for the Billboard Awards is something of a stunning visual. The sweet heat Latina has pretty much everything working, both her and her ogling fans firing on all cylinders. Simultaneously. That's the best. Her revealing cleavetastic tan skin revealing dress caught and owned the camera lenses of every paparazzi fortunately assigned to this red carpet. Billboard can pretend to be all about the music, just as Jenny can. We care not. Our prize is right before our eyes and it's passion powers are unlimited. Hold me, Ms. Lopez. I do believe I'm feeling faint. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Getty Images