Jennifer Lopez Sweaty Hot Boxing for V Magazine Sports Issue

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bill-swift - March 2, 2012

Oh, sure we tease Jennifer Lopez for her former marriage to that skinny dude with the bad stache, and now rebound fling with the backup dancer boy who she gave the keys to her Bentley, not to mention her lady nest, but when push comes to lust, the MILFtastic J-Lo can still deliver the knockout blow.

In the emerging Sports issues from the cutting edge V Magazine, Jenny from the Block cuts some sweaty pugilistic poses that are bound to stir up some confusing boxing fantasies for many a male (and our friendly female on female) admirers. Whether you dig this look on Jennifer or not, one thing is clear, true sextastic can not be kept down on the canvas. Enjoy.

P.S., Yeah, the leather protective crotch belt is freaking me out a bit too.