Jennifer Lopez Slit Skirt Flashes on the Set of a Fiat Commercial

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bill-swift - August 25, 2011

I'm told Jennifer Lopez is now pimping Fiat, but that doesn't explain the Chevy in the background, none of which really matters because when the veteran MILF starts flashing her cans and sexy legs to pimp some product, people are going to buy. I don't mean all people, I mean, people like me who when a hot girl flashes some skin, whatever part of the brain it is that makes rationale decisions suddenly disables and there's now a direct nervous system connect between my eyes and my wallet, with a little circle back to the lower brain and it all becomes a rather expensive proposition I can not control.

So, dance, J-Lo, flash those gams, and I'll be picking you up in a Fiat next Saturday. Enjoy.