Jennifer Lopez Skin Tight For Latin Grammy Awards

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bill-swift - November 18, 2016

Jennifer Lopez continues to amaze. I don't bother to look up her age anymore because age is just a number while leering at a hot mom's dancer booty is eternal. And oh how I do leer at Jenny from the Block's bottomside to this very day.

Jennifer went skin tight and sheer for the Latin Grammy Awards where she cleaned up in so many different ways. No more so than in reminding everybody that she's still the body in the business to beat after all these years. Though I don't want to beat, just some light spanks on the booty end and perhaps some soft touches after to let her know my left hand is for rewards. In this way, I do honor her music. Jennifer, if you could wear that little get up to the Turducken festival I'm having next Thursday, I'd be truly thankful. Blessings. And enjoy.


Photo Credit: Splash