Jennifer Lopez’s Nipples Will Not Be Ignored

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earl-jonas - November 3, 2017

Jennifer Lopez was all nipples while strutting around the set of her hit series Shades of Blue. But today it's more like Shades of Blue Balls, as fans can't get over this scandalous braless action that Lopez is flaunting. Her shirt states "Good Vibes," and the vibes are indeed good, to the extent that Lopez might even nab the coveted Egotastic Pokies Of The Week award that I just made up.

Backgrid refers to Lopez as looking "slightly frazzled" in these pics, and yeah, maybe she is, but pokies trump all, so we're not even going to hate the fact that she looks like an ogre. At seventy-two-years-old it's great to see that Lopez is still looking super sextastic, and I hope she keeps the good vibes coming for years to come. 


Photo Credit: Backgrid USA