Jennifer Lopez Football Hotness Reminds Us How Bad We Want to Violate Her Tailgate

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bill-swift - December 25, 2012

Jennifer Lopez got herself (and her little dancer boytoy) involved in a pre-concert football game in Puerto Rico over the weekend, and while we'll withhold comment on J-Lo's throwing motion (ahem, throws like a girl, cough, cough,) we can most definitely comment on just how hot this 40-something MILFy pop diva looked in a sports jersey and a little pair of white shorts.

Now, no need to confess a dirty male secret that is already widely known, but any time we guys see girls dressed in sexy sports gear, well, it's the combination of two our our most primal desires and simply just overwhelming at times. Throw in a little veteran hotness, a world-class booty, and Jennifer Lopez ranks high up on our list of women we'd like to illegally block in the back, if you catch my drift. Enjoy.