Jennifer Lopez Bootytastic In Bikini

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earl-jonas - July 14, 2017

Jenny from the bloc herself is back with a super sexy Instagram pic featuring her most very famous assets. The throwback picture shows Jennifer Lopez casually sprawled across a lounge chair while checking her phone. Probably to make sure her tracking collar is still working on A-rod. Kidding you guys. While we're loving everything about Lopez's sexy face and hair in this pic, as well as a hint of boobage, the real showstopper is, of course, her booty. I mean, damn girl.

Jennifer appears to be wearing one very skimpy thong, as evident by the tiny bit of her left butt cheek visible. It's situated right next to her other butt cheek (well, duh) but with zero fabric visible separating the two. This might not so much be a thong as a piece of string connected to a black belt. Actually, as far as my imagination and I are concerned, she's naked. And don't tell me otherwise. I need this today.


Photo Credit: Instagram