Jennifer Lawrence Teases Some Serious Plunging Cleavage

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aldo-vallon - February 20, 2018

If the plunge of Jennifer Lawrence’s dress plunges any deeper there is going to be an irate man in China wondering why a hole appeared in his floor. And he just laid down that new tiling! Damn it, Jennifer, you are always doing stuff like this.

She probably thinks the magical tile fairy comes in to fix all her messes, but that is not how it works at all. That Chinese man is going to have to spend another Saturday fixing that disaster himself. The tile fairy does not even exist. Jennifer had better hope that he does not have a toddler in the house, because that is an accident waiting to happen.

We have all seen the stories on the news about a child who falls in a well. Just think about how bad it would be if that little Chinese child falls into Jennifer? It would be an international incident. Which fire department would be responsible for handling it? Who has jurisdiction? It is not like we can count on Lassie to show up and decide things for us. The only remedy that I can come up with is that we would abide by the ancient rules of the basketball court and play a game of Horse. The loser has to walk.

Photo Credit: Splash News / Backgrid USA