Jennifer Lawrence Skin Tight Dress Mounted On Her Steed

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bill-swift - November 17, 2015

You know the middle of the month is that time I dare to step out onto the front walk of my pied-à-terre and face the villainous and vile taunts of the middle school skaters who haunt my sidewalk to retrieve my women's fashion magazines. I do this for you, the loyal Egotastic Readers, so that you don't have to suffer such slings and arrows of social injustice. And to see hot bodies of the sextastic celebrities who often cover up in other venues. Like Jennifer Lawrence, skin tight horseback riding and smoking hot.

It's unclear why Jennifer is themed upon a horse, but the taut revealing clothes does seem like a theme I can certainly get behind. Jennifer is one of the most unwittingly passion inducing blonde hotties in Tinsel Town who seems to want to ignore her power to move men to rash and dumb and feral decisions. So be it. That only makes her hotter. As well as mounting a stallion in a dress that cost more than my cumulative rent since  the last summer Olympics. Jennifer, come by my place and pick me up on your horse and take me away from all of this. Well, not all, just the bad stuff. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Vogue