Jennifer Lawrence Low Cut Pink Dress Behind The Scenes

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bill-swift - March 7, 2016

Jennifer Lawrence may complain about unequal pay in Hollywood for the ladies, but she might just be neglecting the super bank she makes pimping and promoting products at home and abroad. Like being the face and body of Dior. That's not a small paycheck. And she deserves the ripe piles of cash because checking out Jennifer behind the scenes of her latest Dior shoot in her low cut pink dress, well, money well spent.

Jennifer Lawrence has always been a belusting blonde, but now she's growing into the maturity of a Hollywood starlet understanding the tremendous power she holds in both a tight tank top and an expensive cleavetastic ball-gown for the galas. She's not completely arrived, but she is A-list and taking swank role, one after another. It may be that we now never get to see Jennifer's yum-yums fully exposed, save for that time her phone got... well, never mind. The upside of a big career in the U.S. is at times the downside for the gentleman oglers with a thirst for funbags. I can't begrudge Jennifer. She continues to give so much, even if not all, of her innate sextastic. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Dior